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And they wrote down the names of the twelve tribes of Israel. What then shall we do with her, lest perchance she defile the sanctuary of the Lord? Celibacy in Judaism at the Time of Christian Beginnings. Rebekah, mother of the House of Israel According to another apocryphal work, the Book of Jasher, Rebekah, the mother of Jacob or Israel the revered father of the Twelve Tribes or House of Israel was only ten years of age when she forsook her homeland to become the wife of the birthright son, Isaac.

Hear me, O sons of Israel, and receive my words into your ears. Then when the priests saw that the virgin, holy and God-fearing, was growing up, they spoke to each other, saying: Marriages were performed for eternity, not merely for time.

According to the Prophet Joseph Smith: But when they came to the proper age they were given in marriage, and followed the course of their mothers before them, and were pleasing to God.

Did Joseph Smith marry a 14-year-old girl?

And the priest 18 year old daughter dating 34 year old woman to Joseph: Now it came to pass, when she was fourteen years old. Do we have a double standard? Have we paused to ask: On about January 10,I was privileged to go in the temple and receive my washings and anointings. And they all blessed the Lord who brought this thing about, and they gave him Rebecca, the daughter of Bethuel, for a wife for Isaac.

Abiathar the high priest rose, and mounted on a higher step, that he might be seen and heard by all the people; and when great silence had been obtained, he said: You have been made blessed in your old age, O father Joseph, seeing that God has shown you to be fit to receive Mary.

Should we be embarrassed or even apologetic for this action? Fear the Lord your God, and remember what the Lord did to Dathan, and Abiram, and Korah; how the earth opened, and they were swallowed up on account of their contradiction.

This account claims Mary was consecrated to the Lord and served in the Temple. It needs to be remembered that many Medieval widows were not old, Important heiresses were often married between the ages of 5 and 10 and might find themselves widowed while still in their teens.

For her parents offered her in the temple when she was three years of age, and she remained in the temple of the Lord nine years. Now when righteous Joseph became a widower, my mother Mary, blessed, holy, and pure, was already twelve years old. Who was Helen Mar Kimball? Then Abiathar the high priest said to him: And the priests having said to him, Take her, because of all the tribe of Judah you alone hast been chosen by God; Joseph began bashfully to address them, saying: I have children, and I am an old man, and she is a young girl.

Whether or not the account is accurate, the story reveals the customary age for marriage in the ancient past. Ever since this temple was built by Solomon, there have been in it virgins, the daughters of kings and the daughters of prophets, and of high priests and priests; and they were great, and worthy of admiration.

An Introduction and Notes by B. And now fear, O Joseph, lest the same things happen in your house. Behold, Mary has reached the age of twelve years in the temple of the Lord.

Jewish culture allowed women to embrace the opportunities that came with adulthood and motherhood at a far earlier age.

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Sanh while arguing that a young girl should not be married to an old man or to an infant son, urges that daughters should be married when they reach puberty, and the same position is taken with respect to sons.

Therefore they immediately sent out, and assembled twelve old men of the tribe of Judah. And after the holy virgin had spent two years in his house her age was exactly fourteen years, including the time at which he received her.

But Joseph refused, saying: When she reached the age of twelve years old, she was betrothed to Joseph. Hence Mary was called the mother of James.

While I agree that such convention or practice would not be wise today, we should not condemn the Prophet Joseph Smith or consider this event in Church History damaging to faith when it merely parallels the mother of the House of Israel and the mother of the Son of God.

And Joseph was afraid, and took her into his keeping. The apocryphal text History of Joseph the Carpenter likely dating to the late 7th or early 7th centuries is believed to have been based on material from the Gospel of James.

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18 year old daughter dating 34 year old woman
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